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Girls' Frontline character

KBP instrument design bureau's 9A-91 project had many sub-projects and derived prototypes, many of them were cancelled, some were kept and received further development, A-91 was one of the outcomes. Developed some time around 1990s, after the fall of Soviet Union and the establishment of Russian Federation, the initial project and weapon is named A-91, the later production model based on the finalized design are known as A-91M.

Building up from 9A-91's operating mechanism, A-91 classifies as a gas operated bullpup assault rifle with rotating bolt operation. Chambered for both 7.62 and 5.45x39mm Soviet intermediate rifle cartridges, later produced export models can chamber the 5.56x45mm NATO. Depending on chambering calibre, the rifle make use of the 30-round AK-47/M's 7.62 magazines, or AK-74/M's 5.45 magazines for feeding, export models have specially made polymer 5.56 calibre magazines.