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Girls' Frontline character

Official character description for ART556: A trickster who wishes to share her happiness with everyone else. She is guaranteed to bite her tongue every time she say her own name. She only cares about interesting things, so she have broken various boundaries and moral restrictions, her current focus is to make SMG MT-9 into a more interesting character.

Her "friendship" with MT-9 is probably due to the two being from the same manufacturer. While P7 is also a prankster, P7 is just a bit naughty, ART on the other hand pranks for fun beyond boundaries and moral restrictions, that is quite a difference apparently.

An assault rifle with a striking resemblance to the FN SCAR and the Bushmaster ACR. ART556 as the name suggest, assault rifle of 5.56x45mm calibre designed by Taurus.

Very little is known regarding the performance of this assault rifle, basic features can be seen on the weapon's exterior. The weapon seems to be using the same receiver group as Taurus' MT9 G2 9mm SMG, the upper receiver is made aluminum alloy and the lower is made of polymer material with an integrated magwell grip. Based on the visible gas cylinder, the operation of the rifle is assumed to be gas-operated, rotating bolt action similar to the FN SCAR.

ART556 have a forward charging handle and ejection port can be changed to access from both side of the receiver, the charge/ejection mechanism is potentially ambidextrous, just like the fire selector. The fire selector can enable semi-automatic, 3-round burst, fully automatic and function as a safety. The weapon stock can be folded and can be extended.

Aiming of the weapon can rely on Picatinny rail compatible optics or the built on iron sights, optics can be attached on the long rail placement on top of the receiver which extends all the way down to the muzzle end of the barrel. Shorter rails can be found on the side and bottom of the barrel for other combat accessories. The weapon is likely fed with STANAG issue magazines, it is to be noted that the magazine well looks big enough to potentially accept 7.62x51mm NATO/.308 Winchester cartridge magazines, hinting that the weapon could potentially be modified to fire the 7.62mm calibre.

Taurus seem to provided three different length barrels for the weapon. Other than ART556, Taurus also advertised the semi-automatic only carbine CT556.