Aira Blanc Neige Galdinius

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Aira Blanc Neige Galdinius
Shining Tears X Wind character

Aira Blanc Neige Galdinius is the princess of Runevale and a member of Weissritter. She is available as a playable Sorcerer in Shining Tears, and also appears in the game Shining Wind and the anime Shining Tears X Wind.A witch who destroys the world Blanc Neige was a crown princess of Runevale Kingdom. She was targeted for a murder by her younger brother Galahad, but was rescued by Cupido and taken to Shildia where she joined Weissritter. At first she was cold, sarcastic and antisocial, but intelligent. As time passes, her cold personality.It was all planned.she tried to destroy the world, but dead after being attacked by the rage.