Chahut Maenad

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Chahut Maenad
Hiveswap character

Chahut Maenad is a purpleblooded troll with the Caprinius sign (The Credulous, Prospit sway, aspect of Hope) who is described as "two weeks from exile". She is single (and ready to mangle) and loves to scrapbook. She appears to be a subjuggulator, much like The Grand Highblood. Chahut in french literally translates to words such as "noise", "uproar", "pandemonium" or "rumpus", and Le Chahut is the name of a French Neo-Impressionist painting. Her surname is a reference to the maenads (translating to "raving ones") of Greek mythology, female followers of Dionysus who participate in mad, drunken rites in the god's honor. She is also very hot and have BIG BOOBS