Keine Kamishirasawa

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Keine Kamishirasawa
Touhou Project character

『Half-Beast of Knowledge and History』

Keine Kamishirasawa (上白沢 慧音 Kamishirasawa Keine) is a were-hakutaku who acts as the guardian of the Human Village.

Keine is loyal to her duties to the Human Village, both as a schoolteacher and as its guardian. As a proper teacher, she doesn't like people who are discourteous, but other than that, she is generally friendly towards humans - except, perhaps, for when she has assumed her hakutaku form.

Keine possesses a different ability for each of her forms. In human form, she can "eat" history. Though it is stated as "eating", it is clear that she is only concealing history from outside viewers. In her hakutaku form, however, she is able to create history; she is also apparently aware of the entire history of Gensokyo in this state.

Keine spends her days as a history teacher in a school in the Human Village.