Manaka Mukaido (向井戸 まなか)

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Manaka Mukaido (向井戸 まなか)
Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea (Nagi no Asukara) character

Manaka is a pretty and petite girl. She has long velvety-red hair that reaches her waist. She has a round face, peach skin, and big, round blue eyes. She wears a pair of feather-like ribbons hooked on the back of her ears. She is mostly seen in her Namiji Junior High School uniform, and sometimes girly and cute clothing, but as the series progresses Manaka changes. She is seen in a light brown coat with a red and white striped shirt and a white skirt with boots. Other times, Manaka is seen in her new uniform, a long brown skirt, white shirt with an orange coat.

Manaka has an extremely big heart that resides in a small body. Known by her friends to worry more about others than herself. She gets very shy around the people she loves, which will remain to be told in the show.