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Girls' Frontline character

The T65 (聯勤 Type 65) is a rifle developed and manufactured by the Combined Logistics Command of the Republic of China Armed Forces in Taiwan. The designated number '65' refers to the Year 65 of Republic of China (1976), the year the rifle's design was finalized. The T65 assault rifle is the first 5.56×45mm NATO rifle adopted by the Taiwanese military, with the project starting in 1968. The design sought to improve the AR-15 design by replacing the direct impingement system with a short stroke gas piston, improving the reliability of the rifle.

The T65 series served as the standard issue weapon for front-line usage of the army and the marine corps until being replaced by the follow-on T91 in the early 2000s. T65 rifles are currently used by the Army Reserves, Army Basic Training Centers, and the Air Force.