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"Oh ho ho"

"Oh ho ho" (real name unknown) is an Information Alliance Elite, pilot of the Object Gatling 033, also known as Rush. She is referred to by the protagonists as "Oh ho ho" because of her distinctive laugh.

"Oh ho ho"
Heavy Object (ヘヴィーオブジェクト) character

"Oh ho ho" has a mocking and domineering personality, prone to laughter and somewhat haughty. As an Elite, "Oh ho ho" is trained and calibrated in order to operate her Object, the Gatling 033. She also has a degree of skill with manipulating the peoples' opinions through information, and is a skilled and popular idol.

"Oh ho ho", contrary to her usual projected appearance, is actually a girl of around 10 years of age, about 130cm tall; the appearance that is projected to the public is that of a mature woman with a G-cup chest.

[from the Heavy Object wiki]